Tavan Tolgoi tug of war

Source: UB Post

While smug politicians wrestle over Mongolia’s most valuable mines, the country’s economic and social woes continue to grow. The parliamentary task group working on the Tavan Tolgoi project, headed by MP L. Erdenechimeg, has given no hints as to the future of the project, with some members of the group saying they hadn't met more than twice in the past month. Erdenechimeg claimed that a new translation for the agreement to turn over management of the mines to a private consortium had discrepancies between the English and Mongolian language versions.

Consortium member Energy Resources LLC, one of the nation’s biggest companies with an overabundance of political interests, is speculated as being one of the reasons for the delay in the deal. Frankly, anyone who’s been following the issue since 2012 probably isn’t expecting much from this project any longer.