BCM Working Groups

Capital Markets working groups
Capital Markets Working Group
The Capital Markets Working Group was formed in May 2009. The WG will be advocating for sound development of Mongolia’s embryonic capital markets including stock markets, debt and mortgage markets, private equity, venture capital, and insurance each is so necessary to private sector development. BCM is coordinated with the FRC with respect to Hogan & Lovells advisory input on the draft securities law and arranged the funding Lehman, Lee-Xu’s draft translation.
Education working groups
Education Working Group
BCM Education Working Group was established in February 2009. The Working Group advocates for vocational standards to assist BCM members find trained and qualified workers.

Environmental working groups
Energy and Environmental Working Group 
BCM Energy and Environmental Working Group was formed in February 2010. The mission is to use a multi-stakeholder approach to inform and promote environmentally sound and sustainable development (environmental, social and economic) business practices in Mongolia. Since February, 2015 this WG has expanded its operation to the energy sector and is now named Energy and Environment WG. The first expanded WG meeting was held in February, 2015.

Legislative working groups
Legislative Working Group
The Legislative Working Group was established in November 2007. It is an advocate for certain legal and business practice matters. Also, the LC’s efforts help BCM members find information on laws and regulations.
Logistics Working Group
Logistics Working Group
The Logistics Working Group was established in April 2014. The WG aims to leverage best practices and expertise by implementing research towards identifying and recommending practical solutions for clarification and further improvement of the Government policies. The mission is to provide development of the following: Process standardization, Efficiency, Market access, Customs and compliance, Domestic transport/warehousing. If you have any interest joining the Logistics working group please contact Erdenetsetseg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tax working groups
Tax Working Group
The Tax Working Group was initially formed in 2003 by the Mongolian branch of NAMBC. The Tax Working Group advocates on matters that affect general business and/or business sectors, but does not provide free consultancy service for individual members.